Maternal and Child Health Network (MatCHNet): Methods Workshops 

MatCHNet runs online interactive workshops to showcase natural experiment methods that can be used to evaluate policies in the early years. Expert speakers lead the discussion of study design, methods, and limitations.

The Autumn 2022/Spring 2023 programme covered several methods (see recordings & slides below). Learn more about how to use natural experiment methods to evaluate early years policies in our methods briefing.

We have new events planned for 2024 - see details below.

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Workshop 4: Methods masterclass

Date: Thursday 1 June 2023, 12-1pm

Topic: Emulated targeted trials approach

Speaker: Prof. Bianca De Stavola (University College London)

Workshop 5: Methods showcase

Date: Monday 29 April, 12pm

Topic: Engaging the public with data

SpeakersElizabeth Nelson (Public Engagement, Communications and Impact Manager, ADR NI), Anna Pearce (Senior Research Fellow, University of Glasgow)

  1. Engaging with care experienced young people in Northern Ireland (Elizabeth Nelson)

Using examples of ADRC NI’s work with care experienced young people and setting up the first Northern Ireland Public Data Panel (NIPDP), this talk will explore some of the theory and definitions behind public involvement and engagement (PI&E).

2. Public engagement and co-production with primary school children (Anna Pearce)

Anna will talk about a co-production project she carried out with a class of primary school children – using Scottish linked health records to understand children’s health and inequalities. This includes a game, Data Detective, developed to show the public how and why we use linked data for research.

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Workshop 1: Methods showcase

Date: 28 September 2022, 10am-12pm

Topic: Interrupted time series/synthetic controls (Dr. Andy Baxter/Dr. Ronan McCabe, University of Glasgow)

Workshop 2: Methods showcase

Date: 5 October 2022, 10am-12pm

Topic: Using propensity score analysis to evaluate interventions (Prof. Katie Harron, University College London)

Workshop 3: Methods masterclass

Date: 2 November 2022, 10am-12pm

Topics: Modelling the long-term impacts of childhood interventions on health, wellbeing and inequality (Prof. Richard Cookson, University of York)

Using natural experiments to evaluate population health interventions: new guidance (Prof. Peter Craig, University of Glasgow)